Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cades Cove

We spent part of the weekend with my brother and his family down at Cades Cove. We had a wonderful time. There are many historic homes and churches sprinkled throughout the cove. It was an actual settlement from the early 1800's. Several of the homes, churches, and grist mill are still there for people to see. The homes are unfurnished, but they are open for people to walk into. This is a great learning tool for children and adults too. I have always loved old churches. I enjoy walking through the cemeteries and looking at the headstones. As we were walking, my brother made the comment how much he enjoyed old churches and cemeteries. I was shocked because I had no idea he had the same desire as myself.

Cades Cove was eventually bought and became part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest. Here is the picture of the grist mill. The park service was grinding corn the day we were there.

This is one of the barns. I forget the name of the barn, and I would really like to study the origin of this design. It looks like a large mushroom.

One of the homes located in Cades Cove. I am still amazed at how much work would have gone into building the homes.

This home was part store and part home. The woman who lived here never married and she was known to the people of the Cove as Aunt Becky. She helped raised her brother's children after he became ill. It is always nice to go to a community that has been frozen in time. There were no electric lines to pollute the view. As we kept looking at all the gorgeous pastures I kept wondering how many sheep could that pasture hold or what a lovely place for a garden. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time period. However, I know God doesn't make mistakes. At times, I feel drawn to that lifestyle. I think I would have enjoyed it.

grace and peace,



TNfarmgirl said...

The funny barn is called a cantilevered barn...not sure of that spelling though :)

Marci said...

I found a link to you from Cheri's blog. We are currently Ohio Agrarians, hoping to move to eastern TN. We are planning a trip (including Cades Cove) in April if possible. I am glad I found your blog. I will be back.

Dreamer said...

Cade's Cove is one of my favorite places. I too like to look at the cemeteries and the grave markers. The view of the cove from Rich Mountain Road is beautiful too. We always see lots of deer and bear in the cove and on the mountain road.

P.S. Whenever I think that I would like to live during that era, I just remember how much I like indoor pluming. :)

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks for the barn name. My brother had mentioned it, but I still wasn't for sure he knew what he was talking about.

I am glad you stopped by our little corner of the blog world. Have you decided what part of Eastern Tennessee you will be moving to? Cades Cove should be beautiful in April, and I hope you enjoy your trip.

We too saw lots of deer, but no bears this time. I have to agree with you. I too like indoor plumbing, fresh brewed coffee, air conditioning...just to name a few!! While I was walking through the cemeteries this time, I noticed all the infants that had died. There was one family who had 2 sons die on the day they were born, and then a third son died around a year old. It shook me as I looked at my children and realized how blessed we are.

grace and peace,

Amy said...

I found your blog on Cheri's blog.:)
I too loved Cade's Cove.
When I was standing at that same church, I remember looking around and being overwhelmed at all of the beauty it was surrounded by.
It was breathtaking!
Thanks for sharing that; I have not looked at my pictures in a long time. I think I will go dig them out.
God Bless!