Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tueseday Updates

Here is the picture of Hope's Bunny that I have promised to post. The picture isn't near as cute as the real rabbit, but it is hard to make a bunny pose for photos! She weighs about 3 pounds and Hope has really enjoyed her. I had no idea that rabbits had personality, but she does. She prefers Hope over other adults. She will hop to the cage door for Hope to take her out, but when my mom tried to take her out she would run away from the door. This would be the perfect pet for an elderly person who enjoys animals but can't handle a dog or a cat.

It is rainy here today so we will just be doing house cleaning for the day. The outside chores will have to wait until the sunshine returns. Our plants did not get damaged in the wind the other evening. I haven't checked them this morning for wind damage from last night. The temperature was warm enough that we left the plastic off the beds last night. I don't think we will have to cover them back up until tomorrow evening.

grace and peace,

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