Saturday, March 15, 2008

Garden Progress Continues

Yesterday was an unexpected productive garden day. I had to run to town to retrieve a back pack that our youngest son left at the ball field. I never like to do just one thing in town due to the price of gas so I try to combine different errands while I am there. I decided to run to our local feed store and grab some of my hybrid seeds that I couldn't order from Heirloom Acres. I found my Ambrosia Cantaloupe seeds that I pined for last summer, and I also picked up a pack of Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes seeds. I grabbed a pack of onion plants and a 50 pound bag of Yukon Gold Potatoes. I then came home and planted a bed of Peas and some lettuce plants. It started raining heavy so I wasn't able to put the onions in the ground, but I will get to that sometime this week. I then headed to Michael's shop and started more tomato seeds. I noticed yesterday that a few of my tomato seeds that I planted the other day had already popped through into tiny plants.
I love days like this when unexpected events turn into good progress. There is something very rewarding at looking at what a bit of hard work yields in the garden. I stand at my kitchen window at look out at our garden beds and realize that once again food is growing there for our family and others. There is such a satisfaction at knowing that I have learned this through trial and error, and our family is eating from the fruit of our hands. I see the hand of the Lord in all of this, and once again my heart overflows with thanksgiving.
grace and peace,

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Mountain Mama said...

I bet you have the best BLT's Ever! Bacon from your pigs and lettuce and tomatoes from the garden. YUM!

Beautiful pic of the plants. Lighting and angle is amazing.