Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Garden Progress

Yesterday was a garden day for our kids. Hope took off the plastic to let the little plants get some sunshine and water. We haven't gotten our drip works watering system fixed in all 3 beds so we have to water the plants by hand. Hope didn't mind that job.
The next step for our upcoming garden season was to move the chickens. We have kept them on the area where our last 5 beds are located. They have tilled it, eaten bugs, and removed the weeds. Now it is our turn to go put it all back together. Here are the older 3 boys trying to untangle the chicken fence. Don't ask how it got tangled in the first place!
Here are our beds after the chickens have been removed. There is some work to be done in here. I will post pictures of it when we put it all back together again.

After we moved the chickens, we found these eggs in one of the garden beds. We just gathered eggs a couple of days before. Seth brought in 21 eggs that day and now we have these. I am thrilled to have eggs once again.
On Monday, I also planted pepper seeds of all varieties in our shop. I planted a lot of different flower seeds too so I am looking forward to the little seeds germinating. I am still waiting on my seeds from Heirloom Acres. He told me when I ordered that it would be about 2 weeks until shipping. I knew that would be o.k. because I already had a lot of seeds to start planting. I usually have Hope help me with seeds, but on Monday it was cool in the shop. She wasn't that interested so Jacob offered to go down with me. It was the first time he had ever planted seeds with me, and I think he really enjoyed it. He helped transplant summer squash and zucchini plants into larger containers. That was his favorite part. The seed planting got mundane to him after awhile, but he stuck it out long enough to be a huge help to me.
grace and peace,


Amy said...

I also wanted to tell you that I love the name of your blog.
My Sunday school class is called
"Three Strands".:)

Marci said...

Wow, y'all are way ahead of us. It is so green there!!!! I sure hope to be at least a sort of near neighbor sometime in this year!! No of any farms for sale?

nancy - the unlikely homesteader said...

What are you all using for your chicken fencing in the garden? I'm looking for something portable and sturdy too.

TnFullQuiver said...

I am so glad you dropped by to visit. Michael chose the name so I can't take credit there. We truly believe that a 3 fold cord is not easily broken and we strive to live that everyday in our marriage and our family. I look forward to checking out your blog sometime later today!

It would be great to be semi sorta neighbors. You should email Cheri (tnfarmgirl) and aske her about farms for sale. She has more connections with farmers than myself. Let me know what you find out. Do you have to sell your farm or is it already sold? Is there a time frame that you have to move? I will keep my ears opened and keep you in mind.

How is that baby lamb doing? You need to post more pictures of him. They grow rapidly. The fence that we use for our chickens is wonderful. It may be the greatest farm improvement that we have made. We purchased it online from Premier Fencing. I love it because it keeps the chickens in a large area on fresh grass, but they don't make a mess on our front porch and carport anymore. (We have Missy for that job)! When they were completely free ranged, the mess was incredible and they laid all of their eggs in the woods. We had more chicken poop than you could even imagine and not one single egg. The fence is electrified so it keeps the chickens in and the dogs out. Missy highly respects the chicken fence. It is easily moved, and it would be good to move them about once a month. We will move ours in among our fruit trees next time. The company has different prices depending on if you want a solar charger or not. We spent the extra and bought a solar charger because we figured in the long run of paying to replace the battery the solar charger would be cheaper. Hope that helps!!
grace and peace,