Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

We celebrated our little man's 4th birthday this week. Yes, he is in major need of a haircut, but we didn't get that accomplished before his special day. All he has wanted for months was Moon Sand so my mom purchased him a nice set. It is a bit messy, but he has already had a ball with it. Here is a picture of his cake. No, I didn't make it....the bakery did. For our young children, we have always put a bakery cake into the birthday budget. It is a special touch. In times past, I have made and decorated young children's cakes. However the bakery does a MUCH better job. All 3 of our older children have outgrown bakery cakes. Our 11 year old is NOT impressed with them. He was trying to talk the 4 year old into having me make him a great tasting cake instead. As you can see, Seth didn't buy into it all.

grace and peace,


nancy - the unlikely homesteader said...

So, Moon Sand was a hit, huh? I bought just one little cannister and we thought it was cool, but it wasn't enough to do much with. I couldn't decide if it would be a good gift for others or if it's one of those things we could give the nieces & nephews as payback for all the noisy, irritating toys our kids have been given over the years! LOL

TnFullQuiver said...

Moon Sand would be a great "payback toy", and you would be the favorite Aunt because the little people will love it!!!