Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sawdust Is In the Air

The last several nights I have had the opportunity to return to my wood shop, a sacred and redeeming place, I once visited often. Despite the enjoyment I get from it and the benefit it can bring to our home as well as friends and family, I simply have not had the time to indulge for the last several months. Between the business, activities with our children, and various farm chores, sawdust production has taken a backseat.

But, with the days getting shorter, kids sports slowing a bit, and the "nearly" completed kitchen remodel always staring at me, I found myself in the shop the last couple of evenings constructing spice drawers for those open holes in the cabinets. I suppose I am just tired of explaining to guests what those holes are, or maybe I am tired of Seth using them as a ladder to get to the cookie jar. Whatever, it's nice to be down here, using tools and feeling very masculine.

There is something about creating with our own hands that satisfies the soul. I personally cringe when I have to pay someone for chores or jobs that I know I could do equally well or better myself. Not only am I giving up my hard earned dollar, but I am not going to have that contented feeling of a job well done by me. I don't think it is a pride issue, I simply enjoy the work and prefer to take care of my self and the things God has placed under my stewardship.

Unfortunately, time does not allow for me to do all of these things myself. There's this whole priority thing in life that I'm learning about. But, I must say, I'm glad that sawdust is on the shop floor again. Now where did Seth put my tape measure.....


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