Monday, October 22, 2007

Honey Status

Michael checked our bee hives yesterday for the status of honey. We didn't expect much in way of production this year due to the Spring freeze and Summer draught. However we fully expected some honey, but there was less than a gallon of honey in 2 hives. Michael also informed me that we would have to be very diligent this year to feed our bees because he does not think their stores will be enough to get them through winter. I will be making our first of many batches of "Bee Soup" which is nothing more than sugar water. This will be an expensive winter of buying sugar and hay and feed for all of our animals.
I was not only disappointed about not having any honey, but I was looking forward to extracting honey. It is a sticky mess in the kitchen, but I really enjoy extracting the honey. The pictures above are last year's honey extraction. Everybody wants to get their hands in the honey pot. We have to be careful because if you sample too much you will end up with a belly ache before all the work is finished! The process of honey production fascinates me, and I have enjoyed learning about bees from far far away.
We still have about a gallon of honey left from last year. I use honey in my whole wheat bread recipe, and we love to eat honey slathered on hot breads. I also make honey butter for our bread. In the winter, I use honey to sweeten a Hot Apple Cider that I enjoy serving. When our honey runs out, we will buy from local people.
grace and peace,


VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Hasn't it been a year of trials? The bees disappearing, drought, and the late freeze. I've seen many people in our part of Tennessee baling corn stalks.

TnFullQuiver said...

It has been a year of weather trials here in our area of Tn. There was an article just the other day on a farmer baling corn stalks. I thought that was pretty inventive. Praise the Lord, we had some rain last night!!!!!! Hope your area got some rain as well.
grace and peace,