Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pig Pen Getting Closer!!

Here is a little update on our pig situation. Michael decided that for now he would attach an outside fenced off area to our barn. The barn will give the pigs the shelter that they need. This wasn't our first choice of location for our upcoming pigs. The barn is close to our home so we know we will get some smell sometimes. We also wanted them to have a nice area to root in covered with green grass and trees. However, we just aren't able to come up with all that idealistic picture requires for now. Our biggest dilemma would be watering them in the winter. When we raised pigs before, wintertime watering was a big deal. The water in their bucket often froze...the water in the water hose often froze... We needed to keep the pigs in a location that watering them wouldn't be a major effort all winter long. We will be using the barn as a shelter for them. Our barn is an old tobacco barn that Michael and sons have worked hard on to make it fit more of our needs. They took out many of the tobacco poles and used them for fences. The first picture is looking into the barn . The gate can be swung open to block off the last half of the barn as the picture shows. It can be swung closed to block off 1/4 of the barn. This gives us the option to let the pigs in half the barn or just a quarter of it.
Our barn is in much need of repair. The dirt floor has eroded from not having gutters on the barn. We just don't have the needed money at this time to pour concrete in the barn and to fix the water run off problems. Our dream is to build a new barn. However, I am not sure that idealistic dream will come to pass anytime soon. So we must work with what we have. There is still much clean up to be done in the front half of the barn. We must use it for storage as well as animal needs. As you can see in the last picture, we still have some work ahead of us. However, we are thrilled with the process that has been made.
Before we can pick up the pigs, Michael must close off a few more holes in the barn area so they will be contained. This shouldn't take too much effort, but it has to be finished before the little piglets come our way. I project we will be buying them in the next week. As soon as we have them, I will post pictures. Until then...
grace and peace,


VoiceInTheWilderness said...

We always enjoy reading about your adventures on the farm. Can't wait to see pictures of your pigs!

Paula said...

Everything's a process, isn't it? Just keep working at it and you'll get there. We just finished our patio and we started waaaaay back when. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your little piggies when you get them!

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks to both of you for the encoragement! It does mean a lot.
grace and peace,