Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ebbs and Flows

Our life is a process of ebbs and flows. We don't often plan the path, but we seem to get caught in the current of projects that we are working on at the time. For example, we have spent much time last fall and winter remodeling our home. However, once spring came the current changed and our attention was diverted to outside farm work. We have spent the spring and summer working on improving our farm. There is still much that needs to be accomplished in this arena. Our focused has been changed once again to building a business that provides our family income. The one area of our life that is very stable is that of raising our children. Whatever project has our attention at the time, our children are still on the front burner so to speak. When possible, we pull them into the project of the season. They all had a portion in building our kitchen cabinets, and they have all been a part of our farm projects.
Sometimes I dream about a life where the projects are fully finished...you know where the kitchen cabinets ALL have drawers, and the tile floor is completely finished. I wonder what it would be like to have a farm that was already put together...one complete with large fruit trees and a barn that didn't need so much work. I know our projects have our fingerprints all over them and that makes them unique to us. I also understand that there is always room for improvements no matter what stage the farm, house, or business is at. I am not foolish or naive in this area.
There is a scripture in Psalms that says, "Teach us to number our days so that we can gain a heart of wisdom". That is my prayer...I don't want to be like a lab mouse that just runs all day on his little wheel for no reason at all. I want my life and the things that I fill my hands with to count for something important. I see the ebbs and flows in our life somewhat like seasons. Naturally we will spend a lot of time in the garden during the summer months. There are many tasks here on the farm that are done during the summer time. The season has changed a bit again, and I am starting to look around in our home wanting to complete many of the projects that have been started. I would love to take about 6 months and do NOTHING but finish our home and farm projects. However, we would lose the house and farm if there was no income to pay the bills so that doesn't seem profitable. We will continue to weave the projects that need our attention into the daily living that makes up our lives. When time and money permits, we will continue the next step. I just don't want to miss the important things in life with being overwhelmed with other things.
Our pastor taught us in Florida that we need to enjoy the journey that God puts us on. I know there are certain aspects of life that aren't so enjoyable, but we need to keep our perspective on God, and enjoy the journey of our life. I have also heard it said that life is what happens when we are busy living. When our children were young and our life was not exactly what I had envisioned it to be, I kept a piece of construction paper on our frig. I wrote on it in large letters: ENJOY THE JOURNEY. It was a great reminder to be thankful for ALL that God had given to me in life..even all the messes and dirty diapers.
grace and peace,

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