Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Fun

I have to say that I have had a wonderful Saturday. First, I got to spend the morning with TnFarmGirl. We had a great visit that was complete with a homemade Carrot Cake. Is it bad to have Carrot Cake for breakfast??? Nahh... After spending time with her this morning, I came back home inspired. The truth is every time I go to Cheri's house I come home inspired. I think that is what being in the company of Christian women is suppose to do for us. I came home and created a homemade Chocolate layered cake with the help of my daughter. I then put a chicken and dressing in the oven to bake. I finally got around to making green beans, sweet potato casserole, whole wheat bread, and sweet tea. Is it bad to have 2 pieces of cake in the same day???? NAHHHH...
I then got a chance to putter in our fall garden. I did some weeding and looking. I pray that our broccoli and cabbage plants make it. The broccoli looked poor. I am not for sure what happened, but I went ahead and planted them anyway. The above picture is of our collard greens. They came up spotty, but they are starting to fill in a bit this week. Our fall garden is as follows: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce of all types, spinach, peas, and collard greens. We are still getting red tomatoes and some green peppers. We also have okra still coming in and the Zinnias are beautiful. Michael picked the last of the eggplant. I don't even like eggplant, but I must come up with some dish for that this week. My goal for the fall garden is to see how much fresh veggies that we can produce for the winter time. I do not want to put any of these veggies up, but I just want them available for fresh eating. I will keep you posted on the results. Our lettuce is beautiful right now, and we should be having our first salad in the next week or so. Our english mastiff enjoyed some outside garden time. She was making sure our chickens didn't get out of their pen.
Last night our daughter and I were curled up watching some Discovery TV. A commercial came on for brownies that are premixed with nothing required except a hot oven. My daughter looked at me with her little nose all wrinkled up, and she said, "We like ours homemade". I smiled because she didn't buy into the advertisement. And yes she is right, we do likes ours homemade. TnFarmgirl has a recent post about homemade cooking. I enjoyed reading it, and again I enjoyed the fruits of her hands with that wonderful carrot cake! She also gave me a taste of her homemade Challah Bread. It was divine!
grace and peace,

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