Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Home for the Chickens

Our chickens have had a rough summer. They are either really "on" in the egg laying department or there are none. For the last month, there have been no eggs. I thought about making Chicken and Dumplings out of the birds, but every time I cracked open a grocery store egg I changed my mind. With the severe drought that we are enduring, I knew our chickens were not getting all they needed. We do buy layer rations for them, but they still weren't laying eggs. The only green spot on our entire farm is around our garden area. I assume that the grass is growing around our garden beds due to the fact that we have watered all summer long. (Our water bill is proof of our diligence in this area)! We decided to move the chickens in our garden. This will give them green grass and 2 garden beds that need to be cleaned out of old plants. We put their fence around the beds, and left the old plants so the chickens could enjoy some vegetation and bugs. Our beds will be fertilized with all the good chicken droppings, and hopefully we will get eggs from this move. We will not be able to leave them there for too long because we don't want to over fertilize our beds. I know this will also be good for the bug population in our garden. We are not planning on using these beds until Spring so they should be able to enjoy them for awhile.

Jacob came in carrying 9 eggs yesterday. I was all excited, but then he told me that he found them in the barn. (I was confused as to how they got in the barn). He reminded me that we have 2 Rode Island Red Hens that escape the pen all the time. Those 2 hens had spent the last week out of the pen. I guess they found bugs and grubs so they were busy about the work of egg production. I plan on making eggs for breakfast. Our kids just won't hardly eat grocery store eggs any more. This really limits me on what I can cook for breakfast. I think this morning I just might make Omelets. That will be a special treat for them all.

grace and peace,

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