Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Peas, Zinnias, and Grass OH MY!!!

Since this is a real life blog with real life people, you will also see real life pictures complete with grass. Our pea bed isn't fairing so well this year. First of all as you can see, the peas came in spotty at best. I intended to sow some more in the bare areas, but again this is real life and my intentions aren't always acted upon. I weeded this bed more than once, but the grass decided that it wanted to make a home nonetheless. Now here is the odd thing about this bed of peas...I had many zinnia plants come up in the pea bed. Please note...I did NOT plant zinnias in the bed of peas. (My husband was wondering why I would sprinkle zinnias with peas, but I PROMISED him I did not do this). I was shocked to see the zinnias. I had already decided that I had missed the window of opportunity to plant anymore, and I was fine with this. After being sick a few days ago, I walked down to the garden just to look. I didn't feel like doing anything, but I wanted to stretch my legs and get a bit of sunshine. When I saw my pea bed, I couldn't believe my eyes. I should have named it the Zinnia Bed instead. It is covered in zinnias that are in bloom now. I guess the wind blew the seed from another bed. This is great. Honestly, I like zinnias better than peas anyway. I didn't have to do anything and these beautiful flowers just showed up as if God Himself planted them for my pleasure. I will post cut flower pictures a little later this week.
A quick health update on our family: Everyone is feeling much better. The last one left is our oldest son. He is still tired, but he woke up wanting breakfast! That is a good sign.
grace and peace,

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