Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Chickens

I had mentioned yesterday that we had moved our chickens into our garden area. I am happy to report,complete with pictures for evidence, that these chickens are loving their new home. (Well, all except for that Silly Rhode Island Red that is always escaping)! The last picture shows our previous green bean bed. I am hoping that these chickens are eating all the bean beatles and their offspring!! I know they are enjoying the green grass. It is the only green grass that we have on our entire 17 acres! We will have to buy hay soon for our cows and horses. Usually in our area, the pastures stay green enough that hay isn't really needed until December. However, this year due to the drought our pastures are bare as well as everybody elses. Our county officials are coming together to figure out a plan to help the farmers who have large herds and no water left in their ponds. Our pond is down considerably, but it hasn't dried up like so many others in the area. We are still trying to get together some funds to purchase a few Black Angus Cows because the local farmers are selling them as quickly as they can. Many farmers don't have the resources to feed large herds for this winter. If you think about us, please pray that the Lord will send rain.
grace and peace,

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