Saturday, May 01, 2010

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was our first born son's birthday.  Let  me just say that I am way too young to have a 19 year old!

We call him our resident health nut because he is kind of nutty about eating and fitness.  Here he is picking up Atlas stones in a competition.  This should be proof enough of why we call him a nut!

He is always good to make us laugh!

He loves to hug and snuggle.  He would still sleep in bed with us if we would let him!

He holds a very special place in Seth's heart.  By the way, Seth also holds a very special place in Matty's heart as well. 

He also loves the girl in our family.  She made a dumb decision recently that sent him over the edge.  We didn't even have to parent her because he was so busy doing it for us.  Of course, Michael did step in and took back the father reigns, but Matthew had it just about covered.  I KNOW she won't make that same mistake again!

He has also brought this girl into our family.  She has been around for over a year and a half.  We love her dearly.

Happy Birthday Matty!  I can't wait to see what you do with this one wild and precious life!

grace and peace,


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Carmen S. said...

Yikes, those atlas stones look HEAVY! Happy Birthday to your wonderful "health nut"!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.. those stones have to be crazy heavy! :O lol Happy Birthday to your son! My daughters all dream of having a big brother which is impossible. lol So today the eldest said if I have one now that maybe one day when they're older he'll act like their older brother. LOL

Concetta said...

Oh Jules...we both did tributes to our sons for their birthdays without knowing!! Great Mama minds! Happy Birthday to one of my all time favorite boys! I love him - always have and always will. We have wonderful memories -he always wanted to hang out in the kitchen with us while we chatted and sipped tea - I have to admit I always loved having conversations with him! What an outstanding young man he has grown to be!
Love you,

flcountrygirl said...

Are you not taking my calls??? I tried to call my boy and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY but you didn't answer all weekend:( Give him a BIG BIRTHDAY HUG AND KISS. Wow does he look like Micheal. We miss ya'll. Hope to see you in Sept. LOVE YA!

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