Friday, May 07, 2010

Our Little Man and Other Life Things

Seth is missing his farm animals.  Although we still have three cows, they don't really interact with him.  What is a boy suppose to do?  Our neighbor's pasture is right next to our side and backyard.  Seth likes the miniature horses that live there, and he has spent some time getting to know them.  This sweet one is the only one that will come to Seth.  They are developing a friendship.  There may be something to this new style of keeping animals.   Let the neighbor do all the work and we get all the enjoyment!  I don't think that farm philosophy will work for us.  We already have several kids begging us to get sheep and horses and of course chickens once we get moved.  They are truly missing the farm animals just as I am.

The FedEx guy brought a package to us a few days ago.  Well, technically he didn't bring it to us.  He sat in his car refusing to get out because the last time he was at our house Missy scared him by barking at him.  I promised him she wouldn't hurt him, but he wasn't about to believe me!  I had to go to his truck and retrieve the package.  The good news is that it contained all the great benefits of Michael's new job.  We got to read about our new insurance plan, retirement plan, 401k plan, and other great things.  The bad news is that there was still no hire date.  We have been in the nuclear field long enough to know that nothing happens without a security clearance.  We also know those kind of things take time.  We are just getting tired of waiting.  Our checkbook is beyond tired so we are more than ready for Michael to go to work! 

I am amazed that the weekend is here already.  I am looking forward to it.  As always, my Friday is full of cleaning.  Don't tell anybody, but I am going to thaw out our supper from leftovers I made several weeks ago.  I am hoping nobody will notice.  This family has a freezer complex.  They think they don't like food if it has been frozen and reheated.  They NEVER complain unless they SEE that it came from our freezer.  The trick is to NOT let them see.  It works every time.  I might even bake a cake so they think that there was some activity in the kitchen for the day. 

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

What a precious picture:) I love the mini horses they are so cute! Hope a hire date comes soon, I know the waiting must be so hard, hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that picture is so precious! We live in a subdivision and have no animals. I dream of the day my girls will have some animals to love <3 Oh and my family has a freezer complex too (esp my hubby) I'm gonna have to try your trick of making sure no one sees me take the food out. Of course my husband is out of work right now so it's hard for him to not see anything. lol