Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I was a little concerned about Mother's Day this year.  I was afraid that I would be a bit down in the dumps.  Every year since we have lived in Tennessee, I have asked for a garden work day on Mother's Day.  As a family we spend the whole day working together in the garden.  We finish planting, tilling, and any other chores that need to be done.  I have always enjoyed the day so much!  This year we aren't planting any more garden since we are moving, and I was already feeling the sadness.  My husband and kids must have enjoyed freedom from the garden chores because they really did make a special day for me.  It started with Michael making homemade lasagna for dinner.  He is usually much more into grilling, but we had the fixings for lasagna so that is what he made.  It turned out wonderful.  Let me just say that Mr. Nuclear Engineer had a hard time not having a recipe to follow.  I told him how to make it, but he still likes written procedures to direct his every step.  He survived the whole ordeal.  He was suppose to go to the garden and cut lettuce for a salad.  He decided that the whole lasagna thing had been enough so we did without a salad!  My daughter made homemade Garlic Knots, which turned out wonderful.  I made the tea.  (I don't like my husband's sweet tea.  I may actually have to write him out a procedure for that one)!

Our oldest son had to work, but his girlfriend came out to share the afternoon with us.  She brought me this lovely vase of flowers.  She wanted to take me and Hope to the movies, but I declined.  I had other plans in mind!

We loaded everybody up in the suburban and drove a few miles to Horse Creek which is located in the Cherokee National Forest.  I wanted to spend some time outside hiking.  Matthew's girlfriend had NEVER hiked before.  The girl is almost 19 years old and she has never hiked.  I think she would have rather been at the movies, but she was a good sport about it all. 

Look Jacob was even being  helpful to her.  He did have to take a moment to tease her with some wild thing he pulled out of the creek.  He also reminded her quite often that we were in the forest with bears.  She was a little uneasy, but she came through with flying colors!
Jacob had to take some time to enjoy the beauty.  He loves being outdoors!

This is why I don't let people hold my camera!  They always take pictures of me in precarious situations!

I even took some time to partake in some photography! 

Time with my family...good food...hiking...laughing...taking pictures...laughing some more...Yes, this was a special Mother's Day indeed!  My heart needed this day so much. 

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

It sounds like a wonderful day!!! Love the pic of you, LOL, those rocks can get slippery, eh? Tell your dear daughter someone in PA is sitting here DROOLING over her garlic knots;)

Marci said...

Oh Julie, I pray that the place God has for you, just blows you away with delight. I also pray that some wonderful family will buy your farm and you will feel so good about leaving it in their capable hands. Hang in there!!!

TnFullQuiver said...

I will tell Hope that you like the looks of the garlic knots. I never post a recipe that belongs to another blogger without permission. This recipe is Tnfarmgirl's. Perhaps she will post them some time. They are divine! I thought about you today as I know your son will be off to the military soon. I am sure that makes a momma's heart heavy at times. Our second son seems to be drifting towards joining the Marines. We have spent much time talking this over with him, and only time will tell what decisionw ill be made. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about your momma's heart, and praying for peace during this season in your life.

Your comment made me smile! I am ready to be blown away with delight!! It looks as if our neighbor will be purchasing our home. It isn't a done deal, but we are both hoping that it will come to past. By the way, I LOVE your new farm picture in your heading on your blog. It is beautiful!!!

grace and peace,

flcountrygirl said...

My Dearest Sister,
This is Mother's Day and you have a picture of my brother and not you, well one where I can see your face. I am glad you had a relaxing one. Give my love to all. Hope to see ya in Sept.
Love your sister,