Friday, May 14, 2010

Do You Want to Go for a Walk With Me?

As you well know, these last few months have been stressful around here at our house.  I am thankful that we all still enjoy each others  company even during the stressful times.  We each handle these times a bit differently.  My husband may play Playstation when he needs a mental break or go shoot the bow and arrow with one of our kids.  He  also spends a lot of time with our boys working on baseball.  None of those avenues of stress relief will work for me.  They would bring on more stress in my life.  I would probably miss the bow target and shoot a cow or something!  I have found that walking is one of the best stress reliefs for me.  I put on my outside shoes and hit the pavement.  After 3 or 4 miles, my mind is more clear and I come back refreshed from being outside.  It gives me a chance to drink in the beauty of this place before we leave. 
You would think I might lose a pound or something, but that part of it hasn't kicked in just yet.  That wasn't my motivation this time around with exercise.  Nope, my motivation for sweating this time has been to keep me from exploding.

We are still very much playing the waiting game.  We are hoping that all the clearance things will be completed in time for Michael to start work by the end of May.  If not then, it should be the middle of June when he starts.  Our house is no longer on the market to be sold.  Of course there is a story there, but I am not at liberty to say at this point and time.  The good news concerning the house is that our neighbor is very interested.  If we can work out a reasonable price, we may have a deal.  Guess what, we are waiting on that too!  I think I need to go find my running shoes and head out the door for another 4 mile walk.  Want to come with me?

4 comments: said...

Yes, maybe a run - things are a little stressful here too! Waiting is always hard but so good for us! Praying God will perform good things from this!


Carmen S. said...

Waiting is always the hardest part. I would love to come too, not sure if I could make it the whole four miles though, LOL!

Paige said...

Waiting, waiting...and the unknown. Two of the biggest stressors. In six months, it will all be over and it won't matter anymore. Enjoy your walk!

Mountain Mama said...

My running shoes are on! I will be there in about 4 days. :-)

Praying you find rest and peace in the arms of Jesus.