Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a Note

Things are plugging along around here in East Tennessee.  We are still waiting for a clearance so Michael can start work.  I am getting a bit tired of waiting, but I am trying to have a positive outlook.  The kids are all off from school for the summer.  We are spending time together enjoying each other's company.  There aren't a lot of demands on our time for now.  If there was a paycheck coming in, we could really enjoy this season.  We are doing our best to make lemon aide out of lemons...some days it is easier than others.

I did want to thank everyone who took the time to comment on my recipe organization dilemma.  I liked the ideas so much!  Tnfarmgirl will be coming over tomorrow for organization lessons and lunch.  I am looking so forward to the day. 

We are also busy eating the bounty of our spring garden.  Salads are accompanying just about every meal around here.  I have been a bit out of whack without putting out a summer garden.  It is the first year in 9 or 10 years that we haven't put out a garden.  What am I doing with all of my free time? I am studying to take the Praxis teacher exam so I can get my Tennessee Teacher's Certification.  I am busy reading classics that I read over 20 years ago when I was in college.  At least it is better than being bored!  Just so you know, I would rather be in the garden!  I have missed one of  life's simple pleasures this year.

grace and peace,

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