Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Country Life

Yesterday morning found us gathered together in the basement.  Michael had finished fence repairs, and he stopped in the basement to spend some time with the college student who is now enjoying summer break.  I went downstairs to work on the computer for a bit, and where ever I go the English Mastiff is usually close behind.  She was sound asleep on the floor by my feet.  Seth was also downstairs playing toys.  The rest of the kiddos were off at school.

As I was typing, I heard a man's voice in my living room.  Then I heard another man's voice talking.  It was obvious they were both standing in the house talking.  One of the men called  out, "Hello."  Since we live in the country my first thought wasn't, "Oh, my gosh there are strange men standing in my living room, I bet we are about to be robbed."  That thought didn't even cross my mind.  What I did think about was the fact that I hadn't cleaned up the living room floor and there were still some clumps of dog hair!  Then much to my horror I realized that I was also doing laundry and I always fold my laundry on the kitchen table.  "There are strangers standing in my living room and they are going to think that I am an awful house keeper!"  That was the thought that just kept floating through my head as my husband went upstairs to greet them. 

After I realized that I was a failure as a clean homemaker, I then realized that I had nothing baked to offer them.  I mean in the country this is a fatal mistake.  I usually almost always have something tasty sitting on my bread board to offer any person who drops by our house.  Our resident health nut makes fun of me about this.  He thinks I am convinced that people wait until their belly growls to show up at our house because I magically make food appear.  What the resident health nut doesn't understand is the way of a Southern woman.  It is part of our being and our fabric to feed whoever may walk into our front door! It is an unspoken rule.  The more they eat the happier we are.  That is why I like teenage boys so much. They are always willing to eat!

After we talked to the men for quite some time, they left.  Michael looked at me and smiled.  He spoke what was on my mind.  We both hope that the next place we move to and call home is as carefree as this community.  A place that an unknown neighbor can stick his head into the living room and call out hello because we left the front door standing wide open.  A place that we feel comfortable to leave the front door open to let the breeze pass through the house.  I think we are going to be okay.  After all, we will still be living in Tennessee!

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Tennessee sounds and looks like a wonderful, beautiful place to live! We have lived in our current home for 10 yrs. and it is close to a small town but still *rural*, I always felt safe here, but just in the past year there have been a few burglaries, one just 4 houses down the road so we put all new deadbolts on the doors and secured the windows better "just in case". I long for the days of yesteryear when things were simpler, but I do love my indoor plumbing, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a blessing. I would have had a heart attack :O You see I grew up in Houston, Texas where the crime rate was awful, esp. after hurricane Katrina. Now we're in Idaho and it's sooo much better. I'm still pretty damaged from Houston though. You're a blessed mama.

Unknown said...

wondering where u will be settling. i have dear friends (30 yrs) that live in sweetwater and he works with TVA. right now working on that "spill", from ash or whatever. they love it there but you'll have more mtns than they have. u are an encouragement to me these days! xoxox

Lois Christensen said...

Since I grew up in Queens, NY I would have been on the phone with the police after hearing the first voice! Love how you panic over the laundry on the kitchen table!

Great post!

TnFullQuiver said...

I do long for the simple days of yesteryear as well. I love my electric stove and coffee maker and air condition, and indoor plumbing!!! I just wish we could all that and some of the other things that came with days of old.

Krsity Quinn,
Many years ago my husband had a chance to be stationed in Idaho. I would have loved to see the beauty, but it was SO far from Kentucky that we chose to stay on the East Coast instead. I am sure it will take you some time to heal from the crime scene in Houston!

We are looking at areas in and around Sweetwater. We want to stay in McMinn county due to the school system. Michael will be working at the Nuke plant at Watts Bar. The "mountains" there seem like hills after living here in East Tennessee. The beauty here is beyond believable. Since mountains don't pay the bills, we will exchange them for a steady pay check! Hope all is well in your world. Are you and Pam making any plans to head back in this direction any time soon? Cheri will still only be about an hour and a half away from our new place so at least I will still get to visit with her every now and again. Have a blessed day!!!

Walking on Sunshine,
We too lived in New York for about 4 years. We lived in Saratoga Springs so it wasn't quite like Queens! I finished up my college in Albany. My attitude about lots of things changed during those years living in New York. I stopped waving to people while driving and I constantly looked over my shoulder in fear. It makes me appreciate my lifestyle all the more now!

grace and peace,

Anonymous said...

It will no doubt take a long time to ease the trauma from Houston. I know God's working on it so I'm happy. Idaho is beautiful! Of course TN is too! I was a professional singer and we lived in Nashville briefly. We drove all over the surrounding areas. I sold a dog to someone in Florida and we met each other in Georgia.The drive there was so beautiful! I'll pray for you guys, that your transition is smooth. *hugs*

TnFullQuiver said...

Thank you so much!
grace and peace,