Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Harvest

We are starting to enjoy the fruits of our winter labor with our spring garden. We have the most beautiful Romaine lettuce that you ever did see or eat!  We have about 40 heads of these little treasures growing.  I probably won't be buying lettuce again for quite some time!

This is a sampling of our Heirloom Acres Spring Mix.  This is a much more delicate lettuce than the above Romaine.  This Spring Mix needs a light salad dressing so it doesn't weigh it down.  A nice Italian dressing is always good on this.  I also make several homemade dressings that are not heavy that make this salad divine.  Please excuse the few weeds poking up in the picture.  Don't worry, I will pick those out before serving!

We have some strawberries growing amongst the weeds.  Our little guy is enjoying this harvest each and every day. 

Of course I can't go to the garden without my handy dandy garden helper, the English Mastiff.  She doesn't like to garden in the afternoon though.  It is too hot for her, but today it was early so she was ready to work.  She found a sunflower growing in the lettuce bed.  It had reseeded itself from last year.  She knew it didn't belong there so she considered it a weed that needed to be tended.  Yep, she ate it.  I wasn't thrilled with her enthusiasm.  I like sunflowers, and I cater to them wherever they happen to pop up!  I guess I will have to do a little more explaining to her the value of flowers in my world!  I thought that making her wear a collar with flowers on it would do the trick.  My male children wanted her to wear a collar with spikes that said, "Bad to the bone."  I put my foot down and she wears flowers.  Now, if I can just teach her not to eat them we will be in business!

grace and peace,


Trixi said...

Oh, I am so jealous. Your lettuce is beautiful. We grew lettuce one year and it was wonderful. We need to do it again.

Carmen S. said...

Missy has such a sunny disposition, of course she would want to eat a sunflower, LOL! Your lettuce looks awesome, I always plant romaine too, for us and our 2 house rabbits:) I'm really bad when it comes to the thinning though, so I never gets nice heads, I just get a row:(

Anonymous said...

The 'weeds' in your Heirloom Acres Spring Mix are lambsquarters, and they're nutritious and delicious. Eat 'em. :-)

Marci said...

Everything looks wonderful. I can almost taste those strawberries. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Missy. She cracks me up!!

Lois Christensen said...

Seeing these pictures makes me really miss planting our garden this year! I decided not to do the vegie garden since hubby is in Afghanistan all year. There is nothing like homegrown lettuce picked that morning for dinner!! Enjoyed your pictures!

TnFullQuiver said...

Mrs. Trixie,
I find lettuce is my favorite thing to grow in the garden. It is easy and we love it! Perhaps you could try to grow some this fall.

I too am bad at thinning lettuce. I have good intentions, but then the weeds show up and I get distracted. For the first time this year, I started my lettuce under my grow lights in the shop. I was able to plant each Romaine lettuce plant in the garden after starting them in the shop. It has been the ticket to success for me with this type of lettuce. I still direct seeded my Spring Mix in the ground. I will probably grow Buttercrunch in the shop too next year.

I had no idea you could eat them! Thanks for the tip. I knew they were called lambs something, but don't even think I have ever known their real name. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know!!!

Thank you. Missy is almost always good for a smile and usually a good hearty laugh! She is a wonderful dog if you are willing to overlook the shedding of hair, the drool, and the smell!

Walking on Sunshine,
I too am missing the garden. We only planted the early garden because at that time we thought we would be here all summer. I understand you taking time away from it while your husband is gone. I will remember him in our prayers. Thank you for your sacrifice...I know those words don't mean much, but they are from my heart.
This year I am planning on visiting our local farmer's garden often. If I can't grow my own yummy wonders, then at least I can enjoy the fruit of somebody else's work! Hope you have a blessed day, my friend.

grace and peace,