Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Fencing

I am one tired puppy tonight. We spent our day working on fences. It is so past time to get the animals out of the backyard! The kids are getting excited because once the animals are moved into the pasture then we can assemble their Christmas present. The younger three kids got a trampoline for Christmas, but we couldn't put it up with the animals out back. They have all waited very patiently, but they are starting to get antsy now. With the looks of what we accomplished today, we could for real finish the fence tomorrow. I am almost holding my breath because I have waited on this to be done for so long.

When we are finished, I will ask Michael to do a complete post on the fence that we chose and the reasons behind it. Let me just say that I am thrilled with what he chose. It is a true sheep fence so I don't think I will be chasing any more sheep in the middle of the night! He also bought me one of the best gifts that he has ever given me. He came home with a $30 gate latch. I just about had a hissy because that is a lot of money to spend when you don't really have to have it. Each gate has a small chain and latch on it. They are a bit cumbersome to use, but they work. After he installed our new gate latch, it took me one time of opening it and I knew I was sold. I can open it with one hand and close it with my hip! I asked him if he would go get another one for our other gate. These things are better than roses or chocolates!!! I told him that I would be happy with a gate latch as my Mother's Day gift...and I was serious.

grace and peace,


MyBulletinBoard said...

Sounds like that latch beats a toaster all to pieces!

Marci said...

What, no picture of the latch? Come on... us other woman famers are wanting to see it!!! :)

Unknown said...

Is that lilly or angel mom?