Monday, March 16, 2009

The Backyard Sheep

The sheep are still in the backyard. Michael and I worked all day Saturday trying to finish the fence. Several of our boys were feeling a bit under the weather, and I chose to work in their stead. It was raining and cold outside, and I didn't think that would be very good for their snotty noses! Let me just say I worked my tail feathers to the bone, and I was tired. I dug a post hole with post hole diggers. It has been a long time since I used post hole diggers, and my shoulders where talking back at me for it! I did enjoy the alone time with my hubby. We had a lot of time to be together. Our intent was to actually work more on the fence Sunday afternoon. However the rain just didn't let up and it was a nasty soupy mess. We took the day to rest instead of work after church. It was nice, but that means the sheep will still be in the backyard another week! I am starting to wonder if I will even get to have a spring garden. The sheep destroyed the fall garden and I am praying that the spring garden will actually get planted. The grass is starting to turn green and signs of spring are all around me so I am itching to get to planting. But for now, at least another hard day of fencing is needed. I just hope my boys are feeling better before the next fence work day!!!!

grace and peace,

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