Friday, March 06, 2009

Getting Ready for Bed

The other evening I decided to take a nice bubble bath. You know the kind that helps calm the nerves and gets you ready for a cozy night of sleep. I put on my pretty silky pajamas and I even took the time to put lotion on my dry skin. Alas, I was ready for bed. As I walked into our bedroom, this is what I find.
The entire family was piled in or beside our bed. I thought maybe they had even brought Angel the house lamb upstairs and placed her in our bed. They didn't go that far, but the English Mastiff was plotting how to throw the teenager out of the bed and replace him with her warm snugly body.

Apparently for whatever reason the daddy of the bunch was making his famous monkey face. It is pretty humorous and he usually won't do it for cameras or outside people. It is just a face for his dear sweet family that always brings much howling and laughter. Our 4 year old was trying his best to mimic his daddy, but alas nobody in our family can make the monkey face quite like the patriarch.

More laughter and wrestling and playing and laughing took place. My relaxing bubble bath had worn off by this time, but it sure is nice to see everybody together having a great time. This kind of stuff is what families are made of, and it is what makes our family so close. I just wish it could happen first thing in the morning instead of the last thing at night!!!!
grace and peace,


Unknown said...

this warmed my heart greatly!!!! yes the epitome of family. great love + simple man and woman + God = great family. you are a woman's woman and he is man's man. does that make sense?

Paige said...

Haha, but if it happened first thing in the morning, I don't think Brother Michael would be up for making the monkey face!

Dreamer said...

What fun! And I thought there were too many in my bed with just me, my husband, two small girls and a cat.

TnFullQuiver said...

Yes, that makes perfect sense. Thanks!

You know michael well. He makes the gorilla face in the morning and it comes complete with a growl!

I remember how crowded I felt when we had the first two boys and they would pile in bed to sleep with us in the middle of the night. Our oldest would crawl in between us and our second born would sleep at the foot of the bed. We also had 2 cocker spaniels that joined in the fun. Then one day we decided to trade in the full size bed to a queen size bed. Now I would love to go to a king size bed, but our bedroom isn't big enough!
grace and peace,

Mountain Mama said...

LOVE IT!!! Smiling from ear to ear.

Not quite the plans YOU had but what a nice "change of plans". What a great way to spend the evening together.