Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Summer

We have spent the last several months putting up the bounty of our garden. Summer is slipping away and slowly turning into autumn, and for that I am grateful. Although I didn't can like I usually do this past summer, our pantry is well stocked. We will have enough to carry us into next summer. We also picked up our meat from the butcher's a few days ago. As I was stocking our freezer with the beef that we raised, I realized that we have quite a bit to see us through the winter. I like seeing a stocked freezer and pantry. It brings comfort to me. I feel like I have spent the summer accomplishing something. I am ready once again to get pigs. I hope that some day we can have both pork and beef in the freezer at the same time!

grace and peace,


Boysaplenty!! said...

Our summer garden didn't do so well this year. We did get a lot of green beans to put up and the squash was plentiful in the beginning of summer. I had beautiful tomato plants but didn't get the first tomato! We planted so many different vegetables. I was disappointed. Fall is on the way though. We will plant again!

By the way, I made banana bread from the recipe you just posted and it was DELICIOUS! And just as I predicted it was gone the next day (today)!! Thanks for sharing it.
Happy Fall,

Andrea Cherie said...

What a tremendous blessing to be able to provide so much for your family ALL year!

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