Friday, September 11, 2009

Momma Missy

The Post Office called early this morning to tell me that our baby chicks had arrived. I had forgotten that this was the week so I was caught off guard. I made a quick trip to town to pick up the chicks, and I quickly got their new home in the shop put together.
Of course, Missy had to help make sure they were all well. She likes baby chicks. She wants to have her nose in everything especially where baby animals are concerned.

Don't you think she would have made a good momma? Do you see the worried look on her brow? I think we should have bred here and had little Missy puppies everywhere. Okay, I have had one cough drop too many over the past few days!!!!! I think I am losing my mind.
grace and peace,


Paige said...

Awwww...she's so cute! Has Missy grown up around other animals her whole life? Dan's concerned that we should get a puppy after we already have some of our farm animals (particularly chickens) because otherwise our dog might grow up to be aggressive towards other (i.e. smaller) animals. Any problems with that?

Carmen S. said...

LOL, she DOES look worried! What a sweetie to be so gentle with babies of all kinds, yes, she would have been a wonderful mother!! I have a german shepherd and 2 pet house rabbits and she is the same way, ever so gentle and protective of the bunnies, it just melts my heart:)Always love seeing your Missy, thanks for the smile:)

Unknown said...

She does look worried and I think she would make an excellent Momma!!!

We are thinking about adding another Old English Sheepdog... I will keep you posted.


Marci said...

Our dog is the same way with baby animals and chicks. She trembles with excitement when the arrive home.

bsadams said...

oh, she is the sweetest thing, I love her! Look at her little tongue sticking out :P I would love to email you some pics but I don't have your email, if it's on your blog I apologize for not being able to find it, :),sharon

TnFullQuiver said...

Missy has grown up around the animals. She is just a gentle giant. You do have to watch her because she can get rough when playing with the animals, but she has no intent to hurt them at all. I think that your plan to get a dog when you have a few other animals is a good plan. That way you can teach them what is acceptable and the dog is young enough to teach.

I love German Shepherds. I grew up learning to walk holding onto the back of our shepherd. Our last shepherd was very aggressive toward other animals. she would have killed any animal that came any where near her. It is nice not to have to worry about that with Missy! I am glad to know other Shepherd's aren't that aggressive.

If you do, I would love to see it as a puppy. I love big dogs and I have never seen one of those as a baby!!! Let me know what you decide. Our next dog will be much smaller than Missy. I am just tired of cleaning up dog hair and slobber in our house.

I think your dog is wonderful. Hope those animals are all staying home for you this week!

Yes, an email address would be very helpful to you! Here is is: I cam looking forward to the seeing your new "little" one.

grace and peace,

Anonymous said...