Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Best Thank You Gift Ever

Recently a young family that we knew from Florida came to visit with us. We haven't seen them since their wedding 8 years ago. We got to meet their 3 children and we had a wonderful time getting to know each other all over again. About a week after they left our home, we got a package in the mail. Let me just say, "Oh, MY!" I have often times received thank you packages, but this one was different. They gave each member of our family a special gift and on the outside of the package they wrote a special letter to each person. The gifts were great, but the letters were priceless. It was obvious they spent a lot of time this weekend getting to know us.

Seth LOVES cars and can you guess what was in his package?

Josh was thrilled with his letter and gift. He smiled all over himself when he read the note written to him. He kept saying, "I can't believe they got me a gift!"

Jacob had never eaten a Gobstopper until they gave him a handful one afternoon. He was hooked. You can imagine how happy he was when he was given his own box of Gobstoppers! It too came with a special note which made him smile from ear to ear.
I didn't get a picture of Hope opening her gift. Her note read "You were pretty then, but you are beautiful now..." which, let me tell you, made a 10 year old girl smile from ear to ear. The gift also made Hope smile. We had all gone to Walmart together and Hope had spotted some big blue earrings that I wouldn't purchase for her. Well, Stacie made a mental note. She went back home to Florida and bought the earrings that Hope had wanted so badly. (Stacie, you scored big)!!!
Each gift was special and each note was a treasure and it made all of us feel so very special. I think that is the best thank you gift ever! Thanks bunches Greg and Stacie!!!!!!
grace and peace,


bsadams said...

what a very sweet and thoughtful family!! Sharon

jwcreath@gmail.com said...

A good reminder that a well thought out "thank you" means so much! I plan to tuck that thought away to remember later. Thanks again!