Saturday, September 12, 2009

Country Problems

Living in the country has many great things, but there are a few down sides. We have been bothered with a fox that sneaks in and out of our woods. We are having a terrible time catching him, and he has eaten all of our chickens except the two that sleep on top of the roof. Our baby chicks are located in the shop to make sure they are out of harms way. The other bad thing is that this fox obviously has mange and is sick. He comes out during the day which is not normal. We did just get a trap to see if we can catch him. There will be no way that we can ever free range our chickens if we can't get this fox under control. I am now a bit worried about Seth playing outside by the barn due to the fox. We are watching and waiting. I am looking forward to when this problem comes to an end!

grace and peace,


Marci said...

Wow!! I sure hope you get him.

Paige said...

That's so frustrating. Actually, I might also be concerned about the fox having rabies--good idea to keep a close eye on the dogs, too. All that stuff about hydrophobia and foaming at the mouth doesn't always happen. Good to assume any wild animal not acting "right" has it. I've heard that they like cat food if you want to try to set out some bait.

Hope you get him soon! Those little chicks need to be outside in a little bit!

TnFullQuiver said...

Marci and Page,
We will let you know. Now I am wondering if he has already been killed by someone else. We haven't seen him back since last Monday. Our two chickens are still alright. He killed a chicken everyday and now he hasn't killed again since last Monday. I'll keep you posted.
We do have a trap set for him so we will see. I was worried about rabbies based on the behavior too. Thanks for the medical info, Paige.
grace and peace,