Friday, January 25, 2008

A Snow Day in East Tennessee

I was surprised yesterday morning when my husband called from work and said that the County schools were closed due to ice. It was frigid outside and there was water on the roads. Our family home schools our 6th and 4th grader, but our 11th and 8th grader attend the local public school. (That whole topic is another blog all on its own)! When our two oldest boys are out of school, we tend to let the younger two have a break as well. However, Jacob did come and find me so we could work on math and social studies together. Go figure!!!

A typical snow day with snow would look different. However since we didn't have any snow, I decided that a few chores were in order. Of course all outside animals had to be fed. Since the water hoses were frozen, children carried buckets of water out for the pigs. Matthew took some time this morning to finish the water line repair for his dad. Michael wanted to make sure that his repair was going to hold so he didn't fill in the large hole. He covered it with a tarp in hopes it would help it to not freeze. Matthew got to shovel dirt and repair the front yard. He wasn't thrilled with his job in the cold. He isn't a cold weather person. I think he spent one too many summers living in Florida!

After the work was completed, there was time for some fun. We had a competitive game of Shang Hi Rummy that took up several hours in the afternoon. This card game is great and it is challenging. Our 9 year daughter can play it very well, and it is my favorite card game of all. Afterwards, Joshua took some time to play a game on the computer.

As you can imagine with 4 boys and one girl in the house, there was lots of laughing and playing and wrestling.

With all the kids being entertained by each other, I took the time to do some baking. I decided to make a pecan pie. Whenever I make a pie that requires one pie crust, I always make a second crust to freeze. This is a huge time saver for me if I need a nice homemade dessert quickly. While I was rolling out the second crust to put in the freezer, Jacob came in and asked me if I was making his favorite pie. Jacob won't hardly eat any pie except Chess Pie. (Again Go Figure...of all the pies to be the only one he really likes. He is a strange little child)!!! As I was looking for ingredients to make the pecan pie, I realized I didn't have Karo Syrup so I made a quick plan change. I did go ahead and make chess pie for Jacob instead of freezing the extra crust, and I also made a Chocolate Meringue Pie for everybody else. Our chickens are laying well right now so I always enjoy baking when I have plenty of eggs to use.

That just about sums up our untypical snow day. It was fun and a few things got accomplished that was out of the ordinary. It was a good day.

grace and peace,


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