Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Afternoon at the Ballet

On Sunday afternoon, Hope and I attended a Christian ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty. Our area is very blessed to have a very talented ballet company. This company does ballets that the owner of the company writes based on Biblical themes and stories. Hope and I try to attend a ballet every year. She enjoys it so very much. She has to endure many sporting events in support of her brothers, and I know she enjoys indulging in some culture upon occasion. We had a girls day out complete with dinner at a restaurant. Our family hardly ever eats out at a restaurant so it is a real treat. The waiter seemed to understand that this was a special day for a 9 year old girl, and he treated her like a special young lady.

Hope still loves playing with dolls, but she also likes being a part of grown up things. She is learning to cook with me. She enjoys gardening, but she prefers to do that in the summer time. She isn't thrilled with planting seeds in the winter! Raising a girl has been a bit more challenging for me than raising boys. I think it is because most girls are more emotional than boys. With boys, they are generally naughty or nice. Girls seem to be different. Many things are dramas even when there isn't a need for a drama. I am not a drama queen so at times this becomes frustrating to me. Hope LOVES to serve her dad. (By the way, I too enjoyed serving my dad. This was the beginning of learning to have a servant's heart in my own life). I encourage her all the time to serve her Daddy even when she would rather do something else. She has stepped into making his lunch for work. He called today and said that Hope packed his lunch, but everything she included needed to be heated with boiling water. He didn't have any boiling water so he didn't eat. He was very cheerful about it and asked me not to say anything to her. She even included him a pack of hot chocolate. He didn't want to hurt her feelings. However, we will address what types of foods are best for his lunch next time BEFORE she sends him off to work!
grace and peace,


Tracy said...

Your daughter is a beautiful girl and what a lovely story about her daddy's lunch! My daughter is a drama queen too so I understand your frustrations, however daughters do become our best friends too. What a blessing they are.

Paula said...

The two of you are lovely together. What a touching story you shared. My dad and I have recently reconnected after years of confusion. I treasure every moment we have together. Thanks for sharing your heart.

TnFullQuiver said...

I know the drama queen thing will work itself out in the end, and I enjoy the relationship that Hope and I share. I am close to my mom even though we are very different from one another. I look forward to the friendship that Hope will provide as she gets older. I enjoy the companionship she provides now. She loves to read and we spend a lot of time together reading as well as cooking together.

It is wonderful that you and your father have reconnected! Enjoy the time with him. I miss my dad terribly. I so wish he were alive to enjoy all that God has given to us with this farm and these children. I am thankful that we had no regrets in our relationship. I told him that when we found out that he had 6 months to a year to live. I told him that after 37 years of being his daughter, I had no regrets. We didn't always agree on everything in life, but we always agreed that we loved each other dearly. His last year of life was so precious to me even though he was gravely ill. I would never trade those days with him for all the money in the world!!
grace and peace,

Dreamer said...

Your daughter look so much like you. It sounds like a wonderful day you had together.