Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Seeds to Plants...Next Step

Here is a picture of my seeds that have grown into little plants. This is the floating tray that I germinate my seeds in. Each cell is a cone shape which helps the roots to grow stronger.

When my plants are about this size, I transplant them into pots. This is what I did on Saturday afternoon. I transplanted 80 All Seasons Cabbage plants into large pots. I also transplanted 138 broccoli plants. I still have over 200 more cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower plants to transplant. I am out of the smaller size pots so I will need to purchase some more before I can continue to transplant the rest of my plants.
You may be wondering why we grow so many broccoli and cabbage plants. (My husband was wondering the same thing). First, I grow different varieties so I can see which ones I like best. Second, sometimes my seeds don't germinate this well. If I only get half of the seeds to germinate that I planted, then I would still have enough for what I want. Since I have so many plants, I didn't just want to throw them away. I can either plant more than we need and then give away the excess produce or I can give the plants away to someone who is ready to plant in their garden. This all depends on time and space.
My biggest challenge to growing a large amount of plants is the space that I have. I have to go down every 12 hours and rotate my plants. I have 2 levels of grow lights, but I have 3 levels of plants. I just rotate the plants and it works fine. However, it is a bit inconvenient. Michael was intending to build me another shelf like he built last year, but I hate to ask him while he is so busy with everything else. Since I can make do with what I have, I will just work with what is in place. I am sure the extra trips up and down the stairs will do my body good!!!
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