Friday, January 04, 2008

Off to Feed the Animals

It is COLD here in Tennessee. Jacob is usually more than willing to feed animals for us. He doesn't mind feeding them, but he prefers to wait until he has been fed first. I can live with that. All I have to do is have him a hot breakfast, and then he is happy to dish out the food to the rest of the barnyard. The water to the barn is frozen so that requires us to take pitchers of water out to the pigs for now. We are also switching out the water for chickens daily. I think one of our biggest challenges over the years is how to water animals during the wintertime. It can be a lot of work if the water remains frozen. We purchased two small water containers for the chickens. We keep one at the house and one in the pen. Each day during the winter, we fill up the one at the house and switch it out with the frozen one in the pen. We made sure that the water containers were small so that they would thaw out quickly. This is working quite well.
We did have a dusting of snow the other day. It was beautiful, but not enough to play outside. I would love a wonderful snow this year. We haven't had any real good snows in the last few years, and I miss that. I love sled riding and being outside with the children. But for now, it is time to start my day...
grace and peace,


Nancy - The Unlikely Homesteader said...

We'd love to see some snow here too, but looks like it's going to be back up in the mid 60's next week. At least we won't be dealing with frozen water bowls though, huh?

TnFullQuiver said...

There is something to be said for water that flows from the hose right into those water bowls!!! I am sure that winter is headed our way soon.
grace and peace,