Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Preperations Continued

It has been a hectic few days in East Tennessee. We are getting ready for Thanksgiving which means a lot of cleaning, cooking, and cleaning some more! Michael and I spent the day getting in groceries and finding a place for them all. I do not normally buy in large quantities, but with all the company heading our way we did just that. Where does one store 20 large rolls of paper towels and 40 large rolls of toilet paper? I am afraid that after I have tucked all of these things in many nooks and crannies that I will forget that I have all of the extras!!!

We also attended our daughter's piano recital this afternoon. It was nice to slow down for a complete hour and listen to some beautiful music. Our daughter has been taking piano for a little over a year. I always enjoy hearing the more accomplished musicians play their pieces, and I love to hear what Hope has achieved in such a short time of lessons.

My mom arrives at our house tomorrow and I still have much left to finish. I decided that tomorrow evening I am going to make Chicken Salad with almonds and grapes. I picked up some croissants at the store to make sandwiches. This should be a simple meal that my mom really enjoys. I am going to try to get the chicken cooked tonight and then get up early to assemble the Chicken Salad in the morning. I would love to have some home made cookies in the cookie jar, but I am starting to run out of steam this evening. That may just have to wait for another day!

I will begin our Thanksgiving pre cooking on Monday, and I will keep you posted on how every thing is going here as long as I have time. For now...
grace and peace,

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