Tuesday, November 27, 2007

God's Attitude Adjustments in My Life

This morning I got off to a slow start. My husband muttered something about eating peanut butter again for breakfast. I am hoping to make some whole wheat bread later today so at least he can have homemade bread to toast tomorrow to go with his peanut butter! I don't think that is what he had in mind, but it goes better with my morning plans. I was on the verge of being grumpy myself this morning. I decided to take a moment to read some Bible scriptures while our daughter started school. She had put on a tea kettle with water to make her some hot coco. After a short time, I went back into the kitchen to get another cup of coffee. As I walked in, I smelled the stove and the coffee. It instantly brought me back to my childhood when I would walk into my grandmother's kitchen. Her stove always smelled when it was first turned on, and I knew bacon and biscuits would soon be on the table. She always took down a special coffee cup for me and poured me a cup of coffee complete with more sugar and cream than coffee. Good memories...

As I was pouring my coffee this morning, I glanced out the kitchen window. It is overcast here and the fog is heavy on the mountains which has the look of smoke on the mountains. It is truly a beautiful gift from the Lord. Then I looked at our pond and I saw all of our cows gathered at the pond getting a drink. Our 2 jersey cows were on one side of the pond, and our 2 new black angus cows were on the other side. Each pair is a mother baby combination, and just watching those cows brought such thankfulness to my heart. We have waited so long to see a farm grow in our lives. When we were first married twenty years ago, we use to sit and dream about having a farm. This morning the Lord reminded me that He is giving us the desires of our hearts right before my very eyes. This reminder from the Lord changed my whole attitude for the day. What started out as a grumpy day quickly turned into a day full of thanksgiving for who the Lord is in our life as well as what He has done in our life.

grace and peace,


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