Friday, November 09, 2007

Holiday Time (Again)???!!

The realization hit me yesterday that Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away. I don't know where my brain has been, but I just thought Thanksgiving was much farther away than that. After all, it seems like we just celebrated the holidays. My family will be gathering here to celebrate at our home. Since all of our family live out of town, everybody will stay about a week. This year by brother and his family are renting a cabin, and my mom will stay with us. Everybody will gather at our home for meals. I am so looking forward to seeing my family. I haven't seen my mom or my brother since early this summer. I chat with my mom every day on the phone, but it isn't the same as getting to visit in person.

With all of that being said, I am going to share my heart honestly. I am not in the mood to get everything ready for every body's visit. Sometimes when we have company, I am just like Snow White or Cinderella singing while working. My heart is really into it, and it all just flows effortlessly together. Other times, I just seem like Eeyeore dragging my tail behind me. I dread the thought of cooking such huge meals and putting the house in order for guests for close to a week. I am not sharing this so that you feel sorry for me. I am just being honest and telling you that I struggle with normal issues. Sometimes when I read other people's blogs, I think they must truly be the June Cleavers of today's world. They must NEVER struggle with the way they feel, and their house is ALWAYS clean, and there is ALWAYS a nice meal on the table. (My children informed me last night that Hot Dogs with homemade relish should not be classified as dinner)!

I know the truth is that God wants us to do all things with excellence as unto Him. I know I will get everything together, and our Thanksgiving celebration will be filled with family and great food. I just have to get my flesh to line up with the Lord. I know He has called us to be hospitable, and I believe that whole heartily.

I also just want to make sure that I express that this flesh issue has nothing to do with being thankful. I am so thankful to the Lord that at times I can hardly contain myself. He has blessed us in ways this last year beyond even our wildest dreams. I have always loved Thanksgiving. It is truly my favorite holiday. I just am having a hard time believing that it is here around the corner AGAIN!!

grace and peace,


Don and Lynn said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Yes, I have gotten surprised that Thanksgiving is just a short time away, too. It's amazing how it sneaks up on you. I did a bit of shopping for it today. I like to spread it out so I'm not slammed with a HUGE grocery bill in one week.

I've read a bit of your blog and have enjoyed it immensely! I'll try to read more later. My best friend lives in TN and y'all have such a much more homeschool friendly environment up there. I love your farm. It is something I'd love to try someday. Your cows are adorable, and those naughty pigs breaking out! I have a friend with a horse farm and I know the farming life is non-stop. I'm sure it is very fulfilling, too! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with all of your family,

Many Blessings,

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Thanks for sharing your struggle... it is a common one for most of us, but one that we are usually ashamed to admit. A houseful of friends and family is such a blessing!

I hope my kids don't hear about your homemade relish... they'll feel cheated the next time I present them with a Heinz bottle. :)

TnFullQuiver said...

I am so glad you stopped by our blog space. When I find new blogs, it feels as if I have found a new friend. Glad to meet you and your family!!
grace and peace,

Voice in the Wilderness,
I do my best to be honest and real when I write. In the blog world, we can paint ourselves to be anything that we want to be. I want to avoid that at all cost because it is deception. I share my struggles as well as my victories so that others realize that we all have struggles as well as victories. As for your kids and the relish, I won't ever tell!!!
grace and peace,