Monday, November 05, 2007

Quick Thoughts on Farm Animals and Cultural Irony

It is so nice to again have pigs on our farm. They settled in nicely and began to explore their limited new surroundings. I say limited because it is not as much as we would like them to have, although it is more than they had at their previous home. They met our cows right away as the two Jerseys stuck their snouts through the fence to see what was going on. The horses sniffed from above and eventually pushed them gently with their noses. Missy, our dog simply sat from a distance and whimpered.

The animals seemed to accept them quickly and moved on like this was the way it was supposed to be. The farm is now more complete and closer to whole for both us and the animals. Our goal is to build a farm with a variety of animals, crops, and ecosystems all functioning and flowing together in balance and harmony. Many of the blogs here have the same vision for their farms and lives, but many of us wonder if we will ever achieve it. This lifestyle is a rarity in our society and is not easily acquired.

This lifestyle requires commitment and patience, characteristics that many simply do not have today. We find it hard for ourselves to maintain those traits as we are influenced by the people around us who have opted for life of instant gratification and minimal loyalty to anything but themselves. Isn't it ironic that one must work so hard and overcome so many obstacles, trying to achieve a life of simplicity?

More thoughts on this later, I must get to work now to pay the bills.



Tracy said...

Hello to you and your family
We kept pigs for the first time this year- they have last week made their way to our freezer. This was sadder for us than we had anticipated because in the short time we had them they became so friendly and were very endearing. I loved to see your picture and it is true what you say about the other animals - they are so accepting of each other, different as they are. Is that a lesson to be learned?
Best wishes

TnFullQuiver said...

I saw on your blog the pictures of your pigs. I remembered the picture where someone was petting your pig as if it were a dog. I made a mental note NOT to let that happen here or I would never eat pork again! I dont' want the pigs terrified of me, but I most certainly don't want them to like me or more importantly me to like them...except on the grill.
grace and peace,