Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pigs Escaped (Twice)

We have had the pigs since Sunday, and on Tuesday they found a way out of their fence. Our son came rushing in to announce the pigs had escaped. We all ran to put them back where they belonged. We did not want to let them get to far from their "home". I had much funnier photos of my husband rushing the pigs. He fell in a quite humorous manner, but I was threatened with my very life if I posted that picture on the Internet. To show all of you that I am a submissive wife, I honored his request. However, he never said anything about NOT talking about the great fall!! He called me the Farm Paparazzi!~! Always looming with a camera to make sure that photographs are shot at just the right moment in time!! The pigs found yet another area to escape later in the day. They have been contained since then so I am hoping that all is well, and they will not escape again. We are always out doing a head count of little piggies. We don't want to lose any!!
grace and peace,


Haymaker said...

I've heard that giving them unwrapping hard candies in front of them, then feeding them candy is a neat way to lead them around if they escape.

I've also heard of feeding them from an old coffee can as a scoop associates the faded red can with food. Walk around with the can, and they'll follow. Just some thoughts. Have fun! Work that bacon!

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I know our horses would do just about anything for LifeSaver candy.
I would have never thought to use the same trick for pigs!!
grace and peace,