Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hay...It's a Good Thing

Michael and Jacob went to town today to purchase hay. We have never bought hay for our animals thanks to our neighbor who provided it to us free of charge last year. This year he does not have enough hay for his own animals so we knew that we would have to budget hay money for feeding the cows and horses. As you can see in the first picture, our horse, Sully, is eyeing the truck full of hay. He is ready to dive into it! Our pastures are usually green enough to last us through December before we have to even think about feeding the animals hay. However with the drought this year, our pastures are bare and brown. We have been feeding the animals more grain to supplement for the lack of abundant grass, but it finally came time to purchase hay. Our county is having hay brought in from Kansas as well as other states. The hay prices have doubled from last year, and there just isn't much supply. Many farmers are selling cows by the truck load. We just made a deal with a friend to purchase a Black Angus Cow Calf pair. He has too many cows to feed through the winter. He said this is the first time he has ever rationed hay to his animals, and he is still concerned that he won't have enough to make it through winter.
Our horses couldn't wait until the hay was unloaded to start eating.

Finally, Lizzie and her calf Isabell took a turn at the hay. We had to lure the horses away with a bucket of grain so the cows could take their turn. There is plenty to go around for every body, but the cows needed a moment alone to eat without the greedy gut horses nudging them out.

Yes, indeed it feels and smells like a real farm around here. There is something so special about seeing animals eating and being content. I enjoy the beauty all around. I love the smell of fresh hay, and I love watching all of the animals. It just feels right.

grace and peace,



Don and Lynn said...

Your post was beautiful and I felt as if I was standing next you watching the animals eat.

Sully is a handsome, proud-looking horse! I used to ride but since having my twins, I have had to change priorities. I do miss it tremendously though.

I love seeing your world through your eyes! Life on a farm is precious!

TnFullQuiver said...

I am glad you enjoyed the photos and the farm stories. There is always something going on around here! I too use to ride, but that was years ago. Since we were given our horses over 2 years ago, I have said I would like to ride again. Truth is there is just so many hours in a day. I don't seem to have the time to train myself as well as that horse. There is something thought provoking about being 39 years old and being thrown off a horse. I just pretty much decided that I didn't have time for that particular scenerio in my life. So our horses are still Lawn Ornaments for now. But I still really enjoy being with him and watching them. Have a great day!
grace and peace,