Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 York Family Year In Review

Our children got to enjoy snow the first winter that we were in our new home.  They even had their first ever horse drawn ride with our neighbor and his dog.

The brothers found a new place to call home and shoot guns.

Spring came and Josh went to the prom.  No, his date wasn't this cutie pie, but it was her sister.  By the way, this little girl still refers to Josh as hers.

Spring also brought us our first garden here in our new home.  By the way, it was probably the best garden that we have ever had.

The end of May brought Jacob graduating from middle school and heading into high school. 

Summer brought Missy posting herself on guard on the front porch.  She enjoyed watching the birds and the kids play.  She doesn't like the heat very much so she has become more of a porch dog as she gets older.

Summer also brought about a bad eye report for our youngest son.  This required us to patch his good eye.  We bought him a sword and a hook, and called him Captain Fatbaby.

Summer gave way to a new school year.  This school year rocked our world with me getting a job at our local high school as a teacher.  By the way, I am loving it!

The garden kept producing and I kept canning even though I was now working full time.  Michael also took his spot in the kitchen as the garden kept gifting us with beautiful treasures.

We celebrated our daughter's 13th birthday.  She also has been wearing braces for over a year now.

We watched our boys play football and our daughter play basketball.  We celebrated Joshua's football season as well as his 18th birthday.  With his birthday came the signing of papers for him to become a Marine. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with family this year.  We then came together to celebrate Christmas with just the 7 of us on Christmas day here in our home.  The end of the year has seen us resting, relaxing, traveling, studying, cleaning, hunting, and cooking. 

I hope you stick around to see what the new year brings for our family.  I fully expect animals to come to our property this year.  The only two things Jacob asked for this year for Christmas were sheep and a German Shepherd puppy.  He didn't get either this year, but I have a sneaky feeling that next year he will have some animals to enjoy.

 Happy New Year!!!!!

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Lovely family pics:) Your Jacob has wonderful taste in puppies;) My GSD is 10 already, hard to believe it seems like *just yesterday* she was just a pup:) Happy New Year to you all!!!!

Nancy R. Carter said...

What a wonderful year in review. Wow, your son is going to be a Marine. I congratulate him on making a wonderful choice to serve our country, but as a mom, I understand how bittersweet that must be for you.

Loved the pic on the earlier post with Missy & your son on the beanbag. My oldest got a new mattress recently so now Mary Jane (our mastiff) has the old one in the garage for a bed. She loves the bed, but would still rather be in the house with us. We've been keeping all of the dogs outside more since I was diagnosed with an allergy to them, but I think I'll just have to suffer the allergies once it gets much colder. I miss her being inside with me.

Have a wonderful 2012!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm so glad to see how happy you guys are. I know how trying things were when you had to move. Congratulations on your son turning 18. My daughter did as well.As for joining the Marines, congratulations on that as well! My hubby is in the Air Force, just not active at the moment. I have one word for you when your son's basic training is over... Skype! :) It's SUCH a blessing!


TnFullQuiver said...

Carmen, I have been praying for you since your son and his family left. I know that must leave a huge hole in your heart. I pray that the Lord would wrap His arms of love around you!

I am sorry to hear about your allergies to Mary Jane. That would be heartbreaking. Missy and Seth curl up every chance they can get!

Yes, we have already talked about that. We are plannig on buying him an ipad after basic so we can stay in touch with him. Thanks for the advice!

grace and peace,