Saturday, December 03, 2011

Help! I Need Meal Ideas

Our house is all decked out in its Christmas attire.  I am so thankful that we accomplished this task the Saturday/Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I ended up getting sick this past week, and I haven't been much good for anything.  I haven't cooked the last three days.  I think this is a personal record for me, but I just haven't felt up to making a meal.  Pizza Hut has come to our rescue as well as a few fast food joints.  I am hoping to put a list together today so my husband and I can go shopping.  I don't think I have enough energy to do it by myself.  This bug has really gotten me down.  I am even having a hard time coming up with something yummy to cook for the upcoming meals.  The only thing that sounds really good to me is broccoli soup.  Lucky for me, I cut our garden broccoli the other day before I got sick so I have plenty of fresh broccoli for my soup. 

As I have been curled up under a blanket on the couch, I have so enjoyed the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree.  I can focus on the huge tree instead of all the mess that is piling up around me.  I did hear my husband and son up early this morning.  They were doing dishes and laundry before heading out to deer hunt this morning.  I bet Jacob needed underwear and Michael needed a cup for his coffee! Whatever the reason, it was music to my ears. 

What are you feeding your family this week?  I might just be a copycat since I can't come up with any of my own ideas!

grace and peace,

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Aimee said...

Here's an easy and filling choice: chilaquiles. Dry out fifteen or so tortillas in the oven, or use chips. Pile in a baking dish. Open a can of black beans and rinse. Sprinkle over the top. Sprinkle on grated cheese. Pour over a can of enchilada sauce (if you don't have any, dump a can of tomatoes and a half can of pickled jalapenos in the blender and blend). Bake at 350 until cheese bubbles. If you have leftover chicken that's nice to add, but not necessary.