Monday, April 05, 2010

Weekend Recap

Weekends are for working in the garden.  Seth is my go to watering man.  As you can see, he is dressed in the latest fashion...shorts and cowboy boots!

Weekends are for resting and holding the lap dog!

And of course, weekends are for baseball.  Seth started his baseball team this past weekend.  He so enjoyed it! 

Weekends are for eating family dinners together and drinking sweet tea!

Weekends are for fun and smiling!  Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend as much as we did!!!

grace and peace,


~ Jackie said...

Did you have to hide those deviled eggs in a casserole dish to get them to the table?? When my boys were that age, I was really lucky to have half a dozen left by meal matter how many I made. :)

Anonymous said...


TnFullQuiver said...

I laughed out loud when I read your comment! I DID have to hide the deviled eggs so they would still be available for dinner. Your doesn't matter how many dozen deviled eggs are made, there just isn't enough!
grace and peace,

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks for sending me the pictures of Queenie Bear and Jacob! They are way too cute. We need to get them together soon so they can continue their friendship. I would hate to have them marrying one another without even remembering each other! Well, on second thought...maybe that would be better. Queenie may be a more willing bride then!!! By the way, Happy Anniversary!!! Tell TJ "night night" for me!!! I'll talk with you soon.
love ya,