Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

These three cows have brought many smiles to my face these last few weeks.  Let me explain...

Remember our baby calf that lost his momma?  He is the small brown calf in the picture.  We fed him a bottle for about three days after we lost his momma.  One day we went out to give it to him and he didn't want it.  This started happening at almost every evening feeding.  Then he didn't want his morning bottle so we  knew something was up with him.  We really started watching him and realized that he had started getting his milk from our Black Angus Cow.  We call her Agnus and she is the mother of the smaller Black Angus cow in the above picture.  Her "baby" still nurses so she still had some milk left for our new calf.  If you look close at the above picture, you will notice that the black calf is nursing from her momma while Stew Baby is using the smaller black calf as a pacifier!  He does this often. 

When he finally clues in that the little black cow is useless in producing milk, he too goes to the big cow and drinks.  Agnus has been very good with him.  We have bumped up her feed to support her milk production.  We are also happy because the grass is green and they are enjoying the bounty of it.  We have left a bail of hay out for them if they want it, but it has lasted over the last two weeks. 

Did I mention that I love Spring on the farm?

grace and peace,

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