Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Preps

I have been running around all day thinking it was Saturday!  I was thrilled when I realized that it was just Friday and I had a whole extra day before Easter Sunday.   We usually have company come over for the Easter holiday, but this year we are keeping it simple.  It will just be the seven of us around the dinner table.  We didn't color eggs or participate in baskets this year.  (The above picture was taken several years ago).  We didn't make our traditional spring sugar cookies either.  What are we doing to celebrate?  We will be heading to church and then back home again for a nice dinner together.  We are going to RELAX and enjoy the warm weather by spending time outside without working.  I am looking forward to the day, and so is everyone else in my family.  I like it when holidays can be simple and peaceful.  My kids enjoy it too.  We also love going all out and having large celebrations for the holidays, but just not this year.  How about you?  Are you keeping it simple or are you going to enjoy a large celebration? 

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Simple and a little bittersweet here, my son leaves for boot camp in June, who knows where he'll be next Easter. Happy Easter to you and your wonderful family, enjoy!

Lisa said...

We are heading to Great Grandma's, after church, a couple hours it will be simple for us as far as planning, but it will be a wonderful time full of family, like your celebration. Have a wonderful Easter!

Andrea Cherie said...

We are doing the 'simple' thing too!

Today is my MIL's 50th b-day, so we are throwing her a surprise party this afternoon at HER house- she think's it's "easter lunch" she's hosting!

Then tomorrow we'll probably join my sis & her husband at my grandparents.

We went to Easter service last night- the church we just started attending added a Friday night service this weekend to accommodate the influx of non-church goes on Sunday AM. (We usually attend Sat nights anyways)

haha, ok, now we don't sound so simple...but I feel like it's pretty low key this year for us!

audrey said...

He is Risen! Hallelujah!

We're doing it "simple". After hosting Passover we're a little weary - but happy.

We went to early church this morning and will join our Home Fellowship Group for lunch at a cafe, shortly.

Take it gently. Bless you all.

regina said...

Simple here, all the kiddos are with their families and with my MIL now in a wheelchair, it's difficult to go places. But, we will enjoy a quiet time together.

Have a blessed Easter Sunday.