Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Party Rally

Yesterday I loaded up our youngest child and went to a TEA Party Rally.  I was impressed and so very glad that I went.  I am not that outspoken politically, although I will be more than happy to share my views when asked.  I am frustrated about many things taking place in our country, and I wanted to take a stand and let my voice be heard.  There were over 400 people that attended the rally on our local courthouse steps and lawn.  There was fantastic music along with great speakers that I agreed with wholeheartedly.  Jeff Cobble, a local lawyer, challenged us to read the Constitution to find out its meaning for ourselves.  (Amen, brother)!  He addressed the notion of it being an outdated document, and he brought many wonderful quotes from great men of the past that had a hand in the forming of our great nation.  I would have taken it a step farther...Let's teach the Constitution to our children so they KNOW what it says!!!!!  If you don't know your rights, then you are more likely to give them away.  My kids may not know the Constitution up and down, but they have a good understanding of what it says.  We will continue our lessons of this document.

TEA stands for TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY.  I had to agree again wholeheartedly!!

I saw this today on Yahoo News.  I thought it was worth sharing:

Obama, speaking Thursday night at a Democratic fundraiser in Miami, told supporters he is amused by the protesters' complaints about taxes because, contrary to their claims, he's cut taxes. "You would think they'd be saying thank you," the president said.

I don't have a clue what he is talking about.  I know that the last two years my husband has been self employed, and our tax percentage was outrageous!!!  I don't think this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution. 

Click on the link to read the story in our local newspaper!!!

grace and peace,


Lois Christensen said...

My husband is currently in Afghanistan and our taxes have also increased. Maybe not our "income" but you should see our property tax bill!

Great that you went!

Carmen S. said...

ARGH! Don't get me started on this subject, We are being taxed to death in this country. They made it sound like we were getting a bit of a break last year when they took a little less out of paychecks for federal taxes, but at tax time you just owe more because of it:(

Unknown said...

julie: i really hate to ask but i have to because i can't find another recipe that caught my eye like yours. have you found your apple pie filling recipe? emai:

thank you so much.and i'm not going down that road with the taxes, urgh!!! i'll keep praying and voting and voting and praying! but at least 12,000 more jobs were created for the irs so they can collect those ins. premiums annually?