Wednesday, September 01, 2010

College Classes Back In Session

These two started their new semester of college classes this week.  Matthew called and said he didn't like to do the grown up things like paying bills.  He is enjoying his new classes though.  It is still strange for me not to have him living here with us.  We all talk to him several times throughout the day, but I miss seeing his smiling face.  And I miss that girlfriend of his.  I only get to see her about once a month, which isn't enough in my book.  Whenever he comes home, he eats whatever I prepare like there is no tomorrow.  He doesn't cull anything.  He leaves his "resident health nut" title at his apartment, and he enjoys the food...even the desserts.  He even asked me to bake cinnnamon rolls for him! 

grace and peace,


Concetta said...

Hey Jules,
Matthew is looking more and more like Micheal as he grows and is amazing to me...he always favored you I thought - but now he is is father's son! I believe Matthew was born an adult! He was always the one who wanted to be right there in the adult conversations while all the other children would be playing! Those are the days I miss...our families making memories together!
I start teaching my Home Ec. class today! Always lots to do!!!

Love you!

kentuckyagrarianwannabe said...

I remember being like that when I left home for school. I remember my mom couldn't get over all the things I ate that I wouldn't even try before.


Carmen S. said...

They are so cute together:)