Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Planning and Dreaming

When we haven't been busy playing checkers on the front porch...

Or watching our boys play football...

We have been busy thinking about farm babies.

While farm babies do bring a lot of work, they also bring a lot of rewards.  We know the steps that we have to take to bring animals back to our new home.  For now, we aren't in the position to get animals.  The fences need to have major repairs which cost money.   It is also expensive to purchase animals. Michael will be in school for the next year so there isn't time to work on the farm.   For now, we are spending our time planning  and remembering.  Our daughter is enjoying not having any animals.  She likes not having the responsibility.  Our boys are feeling quite differently.  I hear them talking often over a good game of checkers just how much they miss having the animals.  It always makes me smile because I remember it wasn't that long ago when they complained about all the extra work that the animals created for them!

grace and peace,

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