Sunday, June 27, 2010


The packers will be here in the morning to begin the great packing project.  Two days of packing and one day of moving then the fun begins for me.  That would be the unpacking and putting away part.  I am ready to make the move.  I am ready for life to become normal once again.  I am not ready to leave our oldest son behind, but it is part of the process.  I guess they have to leave the nest sometime. 

I will do my best to get back to blogging as soon as possible. 

grace and peace,


Marci said...

Praying Julie. I hope all goes smoothly and I will pray for that Momma's heart. I KNOW how hard that is.

Unknown said...

i too am praying!!!

Carmen S. said...

I sure know exactly how you feel about your son leaving the nest, mine leaves here at 2 pm tomorrow, will spend the night at MEPS in Pittsburgh, then fly to Georgia on wed. gosh it is HARD! I hope all goes smoothly with the move, Hugs, Carmen

Anonymous said...

You'll be in my prayers too mama <3

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks for all of your prayers.

Carmen, I too will be praying for you with your son leaving for boot camp. I can only imagine the tugging of your heart strings that is taking place.

grace and peace,