Friday, June 11, 2010

Harder Than I thought

I wrote earlier in the day about how Michael was going to pick out  our house and I had told him to put an offer on one if he liked it.  You know, I trust him and all.  He is in the process of looking and he had the audacity of finding a house that doesn't have any pictures on the MLS.  I can't even kind of sort of imagine what it looks like because there isn't anything to help direct my imagination!!!   Well, there are his descriptions.  He gave me a lovely description of the shop area.  That was about the time I started feeling a panic attack.  "WHAT ABOUT THE KITCHEN," was all I could think about while he kept giving more description of the shop. 

I'll keep you updated in between panic attacks!

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

OH LORDY...take deep breaths,and just in case the kitchen is not livable, you can always convert the wonderful shop into a new kitchen;)

Unknown said...

Oh I have been there..Have him check the bathrooms to. My husband picked a house in Texas that was a 4 bedroom and it was a huge home..Thank the Lord it was a rental..But it was loaded with roaches and the bathrooms were had these huge electric burners and only 3 worked..the dishwasher did not work..Make a list for him to check things out and go down the check list...I had the Orkin man come and elimanated the roaches and then I went and made this house our home for 13 months till we moved to Iowa..It was hard at first because my home we just had sold was nothing like I was renting..Like Carmen said take a deep breath and take another deep breath and trust him...Lisa

Anonymous said...

Oh mama... that is a scary thought :O A good kitchen is important for sure! Hopefully it will be perfect. As for your picture... you have me drooling! Is that homemade lasagna I see? I've been so hungry for that and I don't have a good recipe. I do however have yummy sweet tea every day though ;) Did I ever tell you that we lived in Tenessee when I was singing? I LOVED that you could get sweet tea everywhere!

Anonymous said...

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