Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Moving Update

Things are going so fast around here that I am having trouble keeping up with it all.  Michael started work this week, and let me just say that my heart is so full of thanksgiving for this job.  With each new day brings a new benefit that we can celebrate.  We have excellent health insurance AND dental insurance.  Each of my kids have asked for a dental appointment.  TVA will be packing AND moving AND storing our belongings.   This will occur sometime during the third week of June.  We are working on selling our house to our neighbor.  I could and would love to write a book about this whole process, but that wouldn't be prudent at this time.  Let me just say it has been an adventure and I am ready to get off the roller coaster!

The big question that is left in my life for now is where are we going to live. In less than three weeks, we will leave this home and move somewhere.  We just don't know where as of today.  We looked at all of the rentals and we understood the reason that they didn't mind for Missy to be with our family.  It would have been hard for us to live in them, and I am not picky!  There isn't a lot of options to choose from in the new location.  Rentals are scarce as hen's teeth, and we have yet to see a good one.  We are now trying to find a house to buy.  That is a whole new adventure, and we are having a hard time finding one that suits our needs.  If we didn't want acreage, we could find a house with no problems.  We just don't think we would be happy living in a neighborhood and so we don't want to settle for that. 

Don't worry though I do have a plan for living arrangements...even if nobody in my family is thrilled with the idea.  If all else fails, I plan on camping until a house of some sort comes available.  That is the best plan I have come up with, and I am hoping and praying that my husband has an alternative plan brewing! 

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

What a whirlwind! I hope you can find something you like, I know we lived in *town* a couple times during our 23 yrs. of marriage and we didn't like it either, I bet you will be glad when all this is over and you can just RELAX:)

Boysaplenty!! said...

If it comes down to camping (and I pray that it doesn't) you are not far from Fall Creek Falls St. Park. This is our absolute favorite camping spot! We rented a cabin several years ago in Pikeville which is just outside Fall Creek Falls and my kids still talk of that vacation. The little house was so quaint and homey. If you are interested I still have the owners' name. They are a retired couple and live on the property where we rented the cabin. They were so sweet. When we got into the cabin there was farm fresh eggs, fresh garden vegetables and bread waiting for us in the frig, just because they are that kind and thoughtful. They may be helpful in finding something or they may rent their cabin...who knows??? By the way, my books arrived today. Praying for ya'll!

TnFullQuiver said...

You don't have any idea how happy I'll be when we have come to the end of this and have our home sold and another home to live in. I am more than ready!

I would LOVE the number to the cabin rental you have. We will be about 30 minutes to Fall Creek Falls, I think. I am so glad your books arrived. I woke up at 5:00 a.m. wondering about them this morning. Then I went right back to sleep! Hope you have a great day. You can email me that phone number at
grace and peace,

羅志誠 said...

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how it seems that things take forever to move and then BOOM.. it's like your life becomes a huge whirlwind! I'm in the slow moving part but I can feel mine coming too. The wind has started to pick up and my hair's a blowing! LOL I'm so happy your kiddos will have dental insurance. That's something we're looking forward to too! You're in my prayers! *hugs*