Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just So You Can Imagine With Me

Here are a few pictures that the realtor sent me of the new house.  I figured since I haven't seen it and you haven't seen it we could tour it together.  According to my husband, this is the great room that you enter when you walk through the front door.  (He promises that it is larger than the picture shows.  I'll let you know when I finally see it in person)!  If you go up the stairs, you would enter a balcony area that overlooks the great room.  There is a large loft area that will be used as an office, and there is also a master bedroom and bathroom up there on the other side.

Standing at the front door, looking through the great room you also see the kitchen.  (Please remember that I am just telling you what I have been told.  I really have no idea, but I will see it the day we move into it)!  The doorway that leads out of the kitchen takes you to the laundry room and walk in pantry on the left or if you go right you head out onto the screened in porch and deck area.  The wall that is just to the left of the doorway is going to be filled with a handmade hutch.  It hasn't been made as of yet, but I am busy making plans for my husband and his new shop.

This will be a much smaller kitchen for me to work in than what I have now.  I am a bit concerned about storing all of my stuff in here.  My husband has promised that we will have room for shelves to hold extra items in the laundry room.   The stove is set in the island, and there are more cabinets on both sides of the stove.  I love the tile.  I don't know that I would have ever had the guts to pick it out, but I think it is beautiful.  Guess what...I don't think much dirt will show on it!  Jumping for joy on that account!  The counter tops are solid surface, but we don't know what kind they are for sure.    The door way that is in the picture leads to the basement.  The basement is a LARGE shop area and it has a very nice full size bathroom down there.  If you look past the basement door, there is a short hallway.  There you will find 2 more large bedrooms and a nice size bathroom. 

This is the tub in the master bathroom.  Let me just say I am pleased about this little jewel. 

I can't wait to see our new home for myself.  As of now, I don't think I will get to see it until the day that we move into it.  Michael had to pick out carpet for the bedrooms.  Part of our offer for purchasing the house was that the sellers would replace the carpets, but we would get to pick it out.  They agreed and Michael went to the carpet store yesterday.  He called in a panic because he had no idea what he was doing.  I assured him if he could buy the house without my seeing it that he could buy carpet without me.  Apparently the sales lady felt bad for him or me, and sent him home with several samples! 

grace and peace,


Andrea Cherie said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Looks to me like you have granite counter tops!! Your husband did well!!

Carmen S. said...

OH MY GOODNESS, IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Your hubby gets an A+!!!!! I LOVE that great room and the kitchen is so pretty, and Missy will blend right in with that lovely tile, LOL! I'm so happy for you and thanks for sharing it with us all here in blogland:D

Carmen S. said...

OH...and about the tile and Missy, I bet that will be cool for her in the summer too;)

Paige said...'s gorgeous! How many BR/Baths? Did you get any land with it? I'd bet either the Corning stuff or granite for the counter tops--both are excellent choices! of the outside! ;)

TnFullQuiver said...

Andrea Cherie,
We were thinking granite, but unsure. Yes, he did do well!

Missy should blend in nicely with the tile. I think she will appreciate the coolness. I am going to buy her a new doggie bed so that maybe she will be more motivated to stay off our furniture. The older she gets the more she needs something soft to lay on.

We got 8 1/2 acres with the house. There is a small barn on the property, and the property is fully fenced. Do you remember our St. James little farm? It will be a lot like that one. The house sits in the middle of the property just like the little St. James house. We only had 7 acres in St. James so this will be a bit larger. It should work fine for us. I haven't seen the outside and i have no pictures to share of it. I can only imagine!
I was sorry to hear of the passing of your Grandpa. I spoke for quite a while to your mom on sunday evening. She was telling me how much help you were to her during the week. You are a good daughter. Your mom and dad have done well.
Perhaps we will see you soon. We will be closer to you than we are now, I think.

grace and peace,

Marci said...

I love it. I can see you making it even more homey than it already is. I am thrilled for you Julie.

regina said...

the house is beautiful. I'm glad you will have room for your animals!

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D said...

It looks very nice...a sun porch! Oh what I wouldn't give.
I can't wait to hear YOUR account of it.

Boysaplenty!! said...

Praise the Lord! He did hear all those prayers, Julie!!! And just look how He has blessed, more than you expected!! What a gorgeous place. I know you are going to have so much fun decorating and making it home! Looks like this house is so ready to move in that you may have enough time to get a fall garden in, huh? Thanks for taking all of us in blogland along with you on this adventure!