Tuesday, June 09, 2009

While We Were On Vacation

We enjoyed the time away so much. We did a lot of this...

and lots and lots of this....

We even built a fire on the beach and roasted marshmallows and ate somores.

Many memories were made and much fun was had. This trip was a request of our son who graduated this past May. He asked for his graduation present to be a family vacation to the beach. (How can you deny that request)? We have saved since last winter and we rented a house that sat right on the beach. The house came with its own private pool so when we got tired of the sand we could just swim right in the pool. We had no agenda other than relaxing and having fun. We didn't have to be any where at any certain time. We were free to just enjoy the time away from all the responsibilities of life. We brought all of our own food so we all pitched in together and grilled something yummy every night. One night we did go to a local seafood restaurant and treated the family to some fresh seafood. Everyone in our family except for me LOVES seafood. I had an order of onion rings!

While all of the swimming and playing was taking place, I took the time to pursue one of my favorite hobbies. I am a reader. I love to read, but I seldom take the time to read fiction. One of the reasons that I don't read very often is that I am an undisciplined reader. Reading is like a rich dessert to me...it is easier if I never take the first bite than have to eat just a little. I read until my heart was content on vacation. I got up early and read by the pool with the sounds of the ocean washing over me. My favorite book that I read was Gap Creek by Robert Morgan. The setting was the Appalachian mountains in 1899. Wow, did they ever have a hard life. As I was reading, I realized how many things I take for granted in life. Then it occurred to me that my own grandfather was born in 1899. This connection made the book come even more alive to me as I read it. Perhaps my own great grandparents had some of the same living conditions and experiences. I do not know much about my great grandparents. I have vague memories of my grandfather leaving early every morning to go to the nursing home to feed his mother breakfast. I always wanted to tag along, but he never allowed that. Instead my own grandmother would pour me a cup of coffee in one of her beautiful tea cups and allow me to add sugar and cream to my heart's desire. I do know that my great grandfather apparently committed suicide. My grandfather never spoke to me concerning this. (After reading this book, I could only imagine that times could be disheartening at best). However, my own father swore that it must have been an accident. He never bought into the suicide theory. He just knew that his own grandfather wouldn't do something such as that. There is no one left in the family to fill in any of the gaps. I wish I had the knowledge as a child that I do today and I would have asked my own grandfather to talk more about his childhood. I remember him telling me that he and his friends grew up ice skating on the Ohio River, but that is about all I remember of his childhood. The book brought so much of that era to life for me. I loved it, and if you don't have time for a vacation perhaps instead you could take a few hours and curl up with a wonderful book instead!
grace and peace,


Colste Stables said...


We live in Knoxville (but we're moving to New Market, TN in a couple of weeks) and have planted a garden this year for the first time. It's been a great learning experience. We don't have a huge crop of any one thing which is good because we are getting experience growing several different types of vegetables and flowers. Next year, we will have a better idea of how much we need to grow to give us enough for several meals. (There's only two of us and a bunch of critters :) I've enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading more. Where are ya'll located in East Tennessee?

Unknown said...

this is kinda like deja vue but we are hundreds of miles from each other. i love books that have connections with the applachian lifestyles of long ago. just in me? i too wonder about my own long ago members when i read things along those lines. that to me is why antiques are so special. it seems sometimes i try to romanticise that era? but can you imagine what it took to make a loaf of bread in the hearth with ashes and big pots. it was their grain, their wood, their metals, their sweat, blood and tears. enough of this, i truly feel the heartbeat here but i am getting deep, ha. beach look fabulous, did y0ur son have a time of his life?

TnFullQuiver said...

Colste Stables,
We are about an hour outside of Knoxville. Where is New Market, Tn? I haven't heard of it. I am glad you have enjoyed my writings! Hope you have a wonderful move. That is always a lot of work, but in the end it is usually worth it!

I know exactly what you mean about romanticing that era. I get little glimpses of Little House on the praire dancing in my head. I often think I would have enjoyed living in that time. I might would have, but I also know that it would come with hardships. But I bet I wouldn't have to drag my fanny out of bed before dawn to head to the local YMCA!!! If you have any good books to share, please leave a list on the comments. I have enjoyed the reading, but I am all out of books now! Thanks!!

grace and peace,